BMW R1300GS From 2024 by BCD

BMW R1300GS From 2024 by BCD


Changing the original windshield of your BMW GS 1300 is not just an aesthetic choice; it's an opportunity to customize your bike to suit your unique riding style. Whether you are looking for a sporty look or maximum protection, BCD Design offers tailored solutions to meet your needs. Discover how our windshields can transform your ride, providing the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality. Make every trip an exceptional moment with the BCD Design Windshield for the BMW GS 1300.


Enhance your daily ride with the GS 1300 Phone Mount BCD Design x QuadLock. An essential accessory for two-wheel users that combines comfort and style, perfectly suited for the BMW GS 1300. Simplify your journey with this easy-to-install, secure, and aesthetically pleasing mount. Don’t settle for less; choose excellence with the GS 1300 Phone Mount BCD Design x QuadLock, the must-have accessory for everyday use.

The Must-Have

The BMW GS 1300, with its robust design and exceptional performance, deserves accessories that match its reputation. This is where the perfect pairing of the QuadLock x BCD Phone Mount and the BCD Windshield comes into play.

The QuadLock x BCD Phone Mount : Comfort and Simplicity
The QuadLock x BCD phone mount is a must-have for all motorcyclists. Designed for quick and secure mounting, it keeps your phone within reach in a heads-up position without compromising safety. Whether you use your phone for navigation, music, or hands-free calls, this mount ensures a solid and reliable hold, even on the roughest roads. Its easy installation and sleek design make it an essential accessory for those who refuse to compromise between style and functionality.

The BCD Windshield : Aesthetics and Protection
Similarly, the BCD Windshield for the BMW GS 1300 represents the perfect blend of aesthetics and protection. Specifically designed to enhance riding comfort, it offers optimal protection against wind and weather, while adding a touch of sophistication to your bike. Whether you’re on a short ride or a long journey, the BCD Windshield ensures a more enjoyable and less tiring ride by reducing wind pressure on your body.

The Perfect Combination :
When these two accessories come together, they create a perfect harmony. The QuadLock x BCD phone mount keeps you connected and organized, while the BCD Windshield ensures your comfort and protection on the road. Together, they offer an ideal balance of technological innovation and elegant design, meeting the expectations of the most demanding riders.

Don’t leave any detail to chance. Choose the must-have accessories for your BMW GS 1300. With the QuadLock x BCD Phone Mount and the BCD Windshield, enjoy every moment on the road.

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