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70 Cleansing Wipes + Microfiber

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Vulcanet Wipes is a si ngle product to take care of the bodywork, wheels, paints, plastics and windows of your car or motorcycle.

With a price of innovation 2008, this product ensures the recurrent maintenance of your equipment but also the cleaning of tar marks, insect impacts, scratches, tarnishing of leather ...

What Vulcanet does
Cleans, shines, protects, stops time
For all surfaces
Without equipment, in any place
No risk of scratching or damaging his machine
Without water
Why do not you waste time
without water
without boots
Without glove
without foam
without polluting discharges
without high pressure machine
no special space (cleaning possible in the street, in a small garage, in a subdivision - without traces of limestone, water including in full sun)

How to use
• Take a wipe out of the box.
• Fold it in half and lay flat on your hand.
• Caress the surface without pressing, when the surface becomes "slippery", you can slightly increase the pressure.
• Always proceed in a small area, without rubbing, with light circles.
The Vulcanet traps the particles, while cleaning and applying a film on the surface.
• Then pass the microfiber 420, making a fast and circular movement without pressing.
The microfiber 420 is not used to clean, only to finish the surface: the result is brilliant.

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  • 30 years of experiencewith a recognize know-how
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